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System Requirements are listed along with detailed information about the PcClean app on the Sourceforge Page. You can always email me here for any inquiries - info@atomicana.com
PcClean is an ongoing project for me to continue to develop new features for Windows users to keep their computers running smoothly. Help your computer run better, use PcClean. Download PcClean from sourceforge.net through this link:


PcClean is licensed under GPL3 which means it is free for you to download and use on any/all of your Windows computers. I only ask that you please download it from sourceforge.net so I can continue to track how many people are using my application. Thank you for your support! If you would like to donate to PcClean, please click the "Donate" button below for details on how you can be a part of PcClean. You can read more about the GPL3 License here:


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