When I obtained the "sacrificial axe", it was an old "beater" guitar...a Sears Catalogue 1960's era Harmony-Kay brand guitar with 3 layers of paint
to sand off before giving it a fresh coat of black. The guitar's original color was white - or at least, that was the last layer before the wood.
With only half of the tuning pegs working, a loose nut atop the neck and wiring under the cracked pickguard that definitely would not have
worked properly, here is the birth of something to change the world of guitars. The Stringamajig.
*Click any images to enlarge.

After disassembling everything and starting to work on sanding the dents and dings out of the back of the neck, it was decided that this
guitar needs to become something that will be like no other. Something new. Fresh. Okay, so how would one go about doing that? After a
few crumpled up pieces of paper, the idea for the Stringamajig was born.

Now, how to accomplish this out of this current guitar and plethora of spare parts lying around? Well, not so simply unfortunately. Have two
pairs of pickups perfect for this idea already (will revisit the brands and types), had enough tuning pegs to get the headstock ready and the tools
to do almost all of the work. After much debate, a crowdfunding campaign was born on gofundme.com as well as the paypal.me link - this actually
bore better results than expected. A few donors of money for some of the things needed and a donor of time and hand-crafted parts such as the
Dread Metals custom neck plate and custom lap-steel style 8-string bridge to accommodate for the extra 2 strings that this idea bore.

Above are pics of my spraypaint job on the body as well as that lovely piece from James at Dread Metals. You should really check
out his work. It is stunning to put it simply. Since James is so awesome and made these parts for the guitar on his own time and free of charge,
this guitar is now the Dread Metals Stringamajig model. Also, can not wait for the arrival of the Dread Metal's first signature model guitar,
The Peacemaker. What a beauty! Hand made guitar with James' hand-crafted Guitarmour on it - oh what a fine instrument.
A work of art that is a catalyst of creating more works of art: and protection...Genius! Check out the Dread gallery here:
Many more pics to come - dreadmetals.com

Back to the Dread Metals Stringamajig though, since the guitar is going to have 8 strings instead of 6, the pickups will have to
accommodate for this factor. It was decided that in the neck position there will be 2 single coil old Fender Strat pickups offset from
each other (one of the two being the DiMarzio "stacked single") and the bridge pickups will be a set of nice new Tobias
bass pickups also offset so the extra strings run over them above the 6th and below the 1st strings of the norm. Here also is the
evolution of the headstock in images ending with a close-up of the string guides that will assist the extra two strings in running down
the sides of the neck, over both sets of offset pickups and to the custom 8-string U-shaped lap-steel style bridge.

Almost there! I have to finish drawing up the bridge dimensions and such to send over to James to be fabricated with his amazingness.
So this past weekend (Apr 30 2016/Mar 1 2016) I got my hands on a router and gutted the cavity for the pickups. Deepend it by about 1/8"
and made it a bit larger. Used my dremel to cut opposite sides of the Tobias pickup screwholes off so they lay flush against each other...
and what I have now is this:

Now, how to set the pups and pots in static positions since the pickguard originally held these pieces in place. After that, some soldering and
strings and we have made the first prototype Dread Metals Stringamajig. Have also decided to completely remove any/all paint and see what
a nice stain would look like on it in lieu of another black guitar for my collection. We'll see though...

A guitar like no other surely! Hope you enjoyed this.
Stay tuned for updates on the aforementioned pending alterations to see and hear the final product.
Can not wait to taste the fruits of our labors! Would also like to thank the donators who helped bring this vision to life.
Most sincerely, Thank You!

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