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I am Skiye, Skiye I am: Yes, I like green eggs and ham. Between designing and hosting websites for companies all over the World, I repair any/all electronics as well as teach musical instruments, theory, composition, mixing, mastering and producing - then marketing your art too! I take great pride in all aspects of the business and strive to give the customer not only the best service, but the best price for those services as well; Free evaluations too!

SkiyeLab is about ideas, innovation and invention. A new musical instrument we've titled the "Stringamajig" is an excellent example of that as well as our amazing, cheap, efficient backup system method that many companies use now. I am always pushing and striving to be the best I can be - therefore you get the best you can get!

Musicians and bands, are you tired of paying irrational studio fees to cut a few tracks? I can make your laptop or desktop into a Hi-Fi recording studio for you! Not only does SkiyeLab offer a great deal of buiness related software and products but firstly and at heart, music rules the roost. From Crystal Reports, VBScripts and Automation of Reporting and Tasks (did I mention our award for that?), through Virus removal and just plain "tune-ups", We do it all! For more details on SkiyeLab's Services, click here to visit the page. If you have questions or issues with my PcClean App, or are an existing customer with an issue please contact me directly on my cell or use the form to the right to send me an instant email. Thanks kindly for stopping by! Maybe you'd prefer a wide variety of original music instead?
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"Better than the rest, will cost you less; Guaranteed to impress and reduce your stress."

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